7 Places Around Your Body You Should Avoid Keeping Your Phone

Cell phones, like all wireless devices, work by transmitting electromagnetic radiation (or EMF). And because so many people use mobile phones, medical researchers are concerned that any associated health risks, even small ones, could cause significant public health problems.

One of such studies is based on where we keep our phones. Many people do not understand the risk that await them when they are storing their devices. So, in this article, we’ll be taking a look at some places that you should avoid keeping your phone for health reasons.

Your Shirt’s Pocket

It is safest to put your smartphone near your chest so you will have less of a chance of it getting stolen. However, it is not safe to put your phone in the pocket close to your heart.

While experts have debated this, doctors suggest people to avoid keeping any mobile device in the chest pocket of the shirt, especially if it’s connected to a wireless network. At this point, your body is getting radiation up to two to seven times higher than when you place it in a bag.

Your Trousers’ Pocket

Women carry bags, men usually don’t. This is why men usually store cell phones in their front pocket. Safe and convenient, isn’t it? Well it’s not. It is convenient, but it is not safe. Studies show that keeping phones for prolonged hours in the front pocket can harm male fertility and adversely affect sperm quality.

Your Bra

Some research and case studies show that keeping your phone in your bra could be linked to breast cancer due to the radiations and vibrations from the phone.

By stashing your cell phone in your bra/bra strap, you are subjecting your breast tissue to the harmful effects of electromagnetic wireless energy, both the thermal effect and the physiological effects.

Back Pocket

Yes, keeping your phone in your back pocket does protect the phone from slipping and falling. But, aside from the possibility of damaging the phone, especially the screen, storing your phone in your back pocket can also be bad for your back and butt. Specifically, it can trigger sciatica, or pain that starts in your buttocks and shoots down the leg.

Under Your Pillow

Sometimes, under the pillow seems to be the ideal spot to keep the phone as it makes it easy to reach when it rings.

However, keeping your phone under the pillow is not good for you. This is because notifications come and the screen light turns on. This affects the production of melatonin which interferes with your sleep patterns.

Additionally, charging your phone under your pillow at night is a risk. It absolutely can start a fire, just because your phone won’t have anywhere to dispel excess heat. 

So, place the phone several feet away from your bed if you’re not going to switch it off.

Against Your Skin

Constantly fingering your phone with germy hands makes your device incredibly unsanitary. Dirty phones can cause skin breakouts, as you’re putting germs directly on your face near your mouth, nose, cheeks, and ears.

But then how can we talk on the phone? Leave at least 0.5-1.5cm between the device and your skin.

Close To Your Head While Sleeping

Recent research shows how harmful it can be for you to keep your phone close to your head while sleeping. Smartphones emit high levels of radiation which can cause dysfunction or unbalance to your biological clock. In this way, sleeping next to your phone could actually lead to more nightmares because your cardiac rhythm could be thrown for a loop.

Your phone should be at least three feet away from your bed to limit radio frequency exposure. 

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