Why everything you learnt about ‘down there’ in biology was wrong

A doctor has now revealed why some of what you learnt could actually be incorrect.

Posting to TikTok, Dr Karan Rajan said one of the biggest lies you were told as a child was about women’s health.

He referenced a classic diagram that most people were shown in class of the ovaries, fallopian tube and uterus.

He said: “Yeah well, it’s wrong.

“Fallopian tubes are not attached to the ovaries, they lay very close but they are not touching.

“Technically the eggs from the ovaries are released directly into the abdomen and it’s the job of these little tentacles on the fallopian tube the fimbriae to sweep the eggs inside it.

“Sometimes this can go wrong, the egg can actually miss the fallopian tube and settle somewhere inside the abdomen – this is known as an ectopic pregnancy.”

He added that an ectopic pregnancy is “anything outside the uterus including the ovaries, tube and abdomen”.

An ectopic pregnancy happens when a fertilised egg attaches itself to a cavity outside of the uterus (womb).

Most of the time this is on the fallopian tubes, but it can also happen on the ovaries, the cervix (neck to the womb) or another organ inside the pelvis.

The pregnancy can’t be saved if this occurs, and the egg will be removed in an operation or using medicine.

It affects one in every 80 to 90 pregnancies.

Dr Rajan did, however, defend biology teachers after some users questioned why the ‘correct’ facts aren’t being taught in schools.

One user said: “Why can’t they teach proper stuff in schools, the curriculum’s been the same since the 1970”.

Dr Rajan responded: “Sometimes it’s to teach basic principles – it’s easier I guess but agree it needs updating.”

“Schools sometimes oversimplify”, he added.

Other users joked that they never knew they had ‘tentacles’.

Dr Rajan posts a range of useful resources on his TikTok page about health and previously said that there is one female health issues that doctors are ‘terrible’ at diagnosing.

He explained what endometriosis can do to women and why it’s so difficult to spot.

He said that on average, endometriosis can take up to eight years to be diagnosed.


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